Submit a Pitch

Hi potential guest blogger! This page includes basic information on guest blogging for Pretty Good for a Girl, a description of the guest blogging process in general, and a place to reach out with your pitch ideas and/or questions.

Basic Information

Who can submit a guest blogging piece for Pretty Good for a Girl? Anyone! You do not need to identify as a girl/woman to be featured as a guest blogger, in fact, we welcome people of all identity expressions.

What does the piece need to be about? Any subject that is important and meaningful to you. We do not limit our guest bloggers to discussing gender in the outdoors, and suggest that guest bloggers write about a subject concerning any aspect of their identity (race, sexuality, gender, class, body type, religion, etc.) with reference to outdoor recreation. Any subject or story that speaks to you is fair game.

To begin the submission process, we will need your name, email, the general topic that you would like to write about, and a set of weeks (within an overall range of three months from the submission date) that you would be able to publish your piece. We typically take about a week to process pitch submissions, and will reach out to you to finalize a guest blogging date and your piece’s subject matter, as well as to go over any other questions that you may have about the guest blogging process.

The Guest Blogging Process

  1. Write your piece! We are willing to provide feedback on drafts or to help with editing, but also do not want to overly influence your work – please let us know if you are looking for feedback or help at any time.
  2. Send piece in a word document or Google document to Pretty Good for a Girl. Either attach photos to the email separately with captions, or include them in the document where you would like them placed.
  3. We will format the post on the blog for you, and prepare it for publishing. After we format the post, we will have you do a final review of the post and its formatting on the blog.
  4. Write a short (auto)biography for our Meet Our Guest Bloggers page.
  5. Email biography and a picture of yourself to Pretty Good for a Girl.
  6. Once the bio and piece are formatted and ready to publish, we will do a series of pre-publishing Instagram and Facebook posts using photos sent with the draft of the blog post in order to generate publicity for your piece. Typically, we do three posts in total over three consecutive days: one introducing you as a guest blogger with your bio and the picture submitted with your bio, one ‘sneak peek’ post with a picture from your piece and an excerpt from your piece, and one final publishing announcement that your piece is live on Pretty Good for a Girl. Sometimes we do a post following the publishing of the piece in order to catch those who missed the publishing announcement.

Submit Your Pitch!