Guest Bloggers

Welcome friends! Pretty Good for a Girl features the work of guest bloggers once or twice per month. We love to share the perspectives of other outdoor adventurers because it helps us learn, and because the blog’s author, Perrin, knows that her pieces are limited only to her own perspectives and experiences, and, thus, including the thoughts, experiences, and opinions of other authors as told in their own words inevitably makes for a much more fruitful and vibrant discussion.

Although the blog’s title uses the word ‘girl’, we do not limit guest bloggers based on gender, or any other aspect of identity for that matter. All guest bloggers are welcome regardless of their identity expressions. We also do not limit guest blogging pieces based on subject matter – guest bloggers are not confined to writing about gender – rather, we prefer that guest bloggers write pieces on an aspect of identity that is important to them personally or about whichΒ they are particularly passionate.

You can check out Pretty Good for a Girl’s amazing team of previous guest bloggers and their respective stories here.

Interested in guest blogging for Pretty Good for a Girl? Learn more about the process and submit your pitch here.