img_5700I originally created Pretty Good for a Girl out of a desire for a space in which I could collect all of my thoughts around my experiences as a female skier, backpacker, and mountain biker. In talking to friends, these ideas eventually expanded into a larger commentary on the relationship between various identities and the outdoor recreation world. Pretty Good for a Girl aims to address the ways in which the seemingly “progressive” outdoor recreation community actually struggles with inclusivity on many fronts, and often promotes hypocritical or conflicting value sets. Thus, it seems that the outdoor recreation community can serve as a mirror, providing clarity and allowing us to observe the manifestation of issues faced by society as a whole. To read more about my reasons for starting this blog, check outΒ Why β€œPretty Good for a Girl”.

Perrin (this blog’s author) was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. She recently graduated from Lawrence University (June 2016), where she studied economics and environmental studies. She hopes someday to attend law school, and eventually hopes to work in the field(s) of environmental policy or law. Perrin loves to ski, go backpacking and mountain biking, practice yoga, play soccer, read books, drink coffee, and laugh soundlessly. Lemon desserts and strawberry-rhubarb pie are her favorites, and, if given a choice, she will always pick a dark beer or a gin and tonic.
She is unsure of why she chose to write the above paragraph in the third person, but feels that the time to change this fact has already passed.

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