Pretty Good for a Girl

Pretty Good for a Girl aims to take a critical (yet loving) look at the ideology of the outdoor recreation and sports communities, focusing on the ways in which this seemingly ‘progressive’ community often stumbles in terms of inclusivity or, at the very least, has room for growth. The idea for Pretty Good for a Girl tumbled out of 18 years worth of anecdotal data collected while skiing, hiking, backpacking, and mountain biking around the western U.S., mainly in Colorado, and the subsequent conversations about these experiences. Despite the title’s wording, all expressions of identity are welcome and encouraged in this space.Β This blog hopes to both stimulate discussion and to encourage those of all identities to get out and enjoy the outdoors in any way they see fit.

This blog represents one goofy lady’s perspectives, inner debates, and questions, and, thus, the author would like to reiterate that she does not speak for all women, nor all people in the outdoors community. She accepts that her experiences are limited, and is confident only in the fact that she has much to learn.

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